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If you want a chic polished look without the constant maintenance and heavy chemicals this is the hair for you.  These super low-maintenance extensions won’t swell or frizz in humid conditions.

Malaysian hair has an extremely luxurious feel and is sleek and shiny.  Its luster is low to medium – similar to Brazilian hair. This hair holds curls extremely well without the excessive use of styling products.  Our closures have all cuticles intact and facing the same direction, which allows for minimal tangling or kinking.  This makes the hair easier to control and softer to the touch.

This hair is amazing – you will love it!

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What it is: 100% Virgin Human Hair Lace Closures with three pre-defined parts.  100% Virgin Human Hair Closures that have never been processed, steamed, or chemically treated in any way.  This gives our hair a healthy shine and superior strength.  Because our closures are taken from natural, untreated human hair with all cuticles intact, it can be treated just like your natural hair.

And because we keep the hair’s cuticles intact, our extensions keep their luxurious look and feel longer than other brands, and are able to withstand more wear and tear.  Our premium closures can be dyed, curled, and straightened to match and blend with your natural hair color and texture.

Who it’s for: Perfect for women looking for versatility, added volume, or protective styling.  Instead of worrying about using excessive heat or dye while trying to blend your hair with your extensions give our closures a try.

What it does:  Closures protect your hair from excessive heat styling and coloring when trying to blend your natural hair with your extensions.  They give you the freedom to experiment with different styles and colors while minimizing damage to your natural hair.

Malaysian hair naturally blends well with many hair types including African American hair types.  This is because it is slightly thicker than Indian and Brazilian hair and is not as shiny.    This allows Malaysian extensions to more easily blend with your natural hair.

Curly hair is best styled by allowing it to do what it does naturally.  If you are looking for a style that feels wild and free than this is the hair for you.

Straight, wash and go, curly sets, you name it your curly hair extensions can handle it all.  Your curly Brazilian extensions can be washed and air-dried, or quickly dried using a diffuser to achieve gorgeous ringlets.  This hair texture is ideal for our customers who are transitioning, or who have a natural coil in their hair.

But what if you want to change it up your hairstyle while wearing your curly extensions?  No worries.  Whether you rock it naturally curly or sexy straight your hair will look great.  Our curly extensions easily transition to wavy or straight.  So, feel free to style your hair however you want.

Your style will hold until the hair is re-wet, and then the hair will return back to its natural, curly state.

You’ll love your Malaysian extensions.  This low-maintenance texture will not disappoint!

Why it’s great:  Our high-quality virgin hair closures are: 

  • Easy to Style
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Super Versatile
  • Long Lasting
  • Natural Looking and Feeling
  • Great in Humid Conditions – They Won’t Swell or Frizz

Usage:  Perfect for permanent sew-in hair extensions and protecting your hair.  Feel free to blow-dry, flat iron, or curl your hair extensions just as you would your natural hair!  You can also perm or dye your extensions, but we recommend you work with a professional for these styling options.

Product Specs + Details

  • Materials:  100% Virgin Malaysian Human Hair
  • Color: Natural Off-Black (or) 1B
  • Base: Lace
  • Luster: Medium to Low

Care + Maintenance:  With proper care, your BN Hair Luxe Extensions will certainly keep its luxurious feel for months and months.

Simply wash your hair to return it to its natural state. Care for your investment by properly cleansing and conditioning.  When styling use heat protectant sprays, conditioning moisturizers, non-drying holding products, and nourishing oils.


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